Mobile phone UV loca glue Liquid optical clear adhesive LCD

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Features: For Samsung, HTC, iPhone , all kind mobilephone use.

Low viscosity, with a visible light curing, can be heavy



Transmittance at 550nm

> 99.8%
(> 99%)

Viscosity Brookfield RVT, 25 c, 20rpm, spindle 3 #

2300 to 2800

Hardness ASTM D2240E typ


Curing conditions (mj / cm ²) UVA250nm ~ 420nm


Dielectric constant 1MHz

2.3 to 3.0

Solid refractive index Abbe at 25 c


ASTM D1003 Haze


Yellowness index ASTM D1925/C2

0.2 (<1.0)


Introduction of liquid optical adhesive LOCA
Liquid optical transparent plastic, also known as LOCA, the English name: Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive, is a transparent optical element is mainly used for special adhesive bonding.
Liquid optical adhesive LOCA Features
Colorless, transparent, light transmission rate of 98% or more, the adhesive strength can be room temperature or temperature cure conditions. And also has a curing shrinkage, anti-yellowing characteristics. Compared with the traditional OCA tape, LOCA in some applications with particular advantage to solve OCA limitations faced tape. Liquid optical adhesive properties LOCA
1, high light transmittance (transmittance> 99%)
2, high bond strength and is easy to fold glue adhesive repair defective parts.
3, high adhesion, high durability, water resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, prolonged use will not product yellowing, peeling and deterioration problems.
Liquid optical adhesive LOCA range of applications
LOCA liquid optical adhesive bonding can be used as a transparent optical material, such as ITO film, PMMA, PC, PET, glass, electronic paper, the projection screen assembly, display assembly, the lens assembly, resistive touch screen G+ F + F, F + F, capacitive touch screen, panel, ICON, and other related electronic optical adhesive materials. These transparent isotropic substrate-free adhesive ensures accurate color and full display brightness, and provide durable, high-strength bonding effect.

  RIGHT liquid optical transparent plastic (LOCA), for transparent optical element bonded specialty adhesives, requires a colorless, transparent, light transmission rate of 98%, the bond strength is good, or at room temperature, the temperature can be cured under conditions , and has a curing shrinkage, anti-yellowing characteristics.
    TP-1000N 1000 viscosity liquid optical adhesive, suitable for small size products manual processes. Self-leveling feature is fast, easy to take off the bubble, working hours less wear and tear, visible pre-curing, easy to rework. Good rate.
    TP-2500 is the viscosity of the liquid optical glue 2500, suitable for large-size hand, equipment and technology. Characterized by flat and naturally fast, easy to take off the bubble, not overflow TP-4000 40000 viscosity liquid optical adhesive, suitable for glue to do with the APP-3500 borders than the use, to prevent excess glue.
    * Why use liquid optically transparent adhesive (LOCA)?
    Compared to the OCA tape, LOCA the advantage
    - Better control of costs
    - A stronger adhesive force
    - Can be flexibly controlled layer thickness
    - A better solution to fit rigid substrates
    - Better solve large screen fit
    - Better solution shaped, three-dimensional substrate bonding
    Other improvements brought about better
    - Reduce light refraction
    - Elimination of Newton's rings, rainbow patterns and other visual phenomena
    - Enhance the contrast of the display
    - Better protection from dust, moisture effects
    - Reduce the phone's battery power

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